Well, I gotta hand it to you, this was one of the toughest caption contests I’ve had to settle in a while. There were simply a ton of great submissions this time. They were downright fun to read and many had me belly laughing. Not unlike our last caption contest, a little ditty did it for me. It was short, simple, funny and smart. The winner who will receive some Redington gear and the signed book, “Fifty places to Fly Fish before you Die” by Chris Santella is…

…Bob81 who wrote,

“There once was a trout in the sea,
whose mind was the size of a pea. 
While his brain-cells are few,
 he’s still smarter than you, 
which is why he always swims free.”

I know, I know only a small number of trout swim in the sea, but damn that was good and you got my vote Bob. Congrats! Send an email and I’ll get your goodies out early next week.