I’ve been lucky enough to travel to some pretty amazing places with my job. Along with amazing fishing, some of these spots occasionally comes a healthy amount of hazards – like large sharks, bears, rattlesnakes and leaky boats to floods, lightning and the occasional gun toting landowner. Usually it’s worth it.


Last fall I had the pleasure of photographing F&S web editor Nate Matthews and his dad down the entire length of the Rio Grande River. We fished the entire way. There were scorpions, spiders, a fair share of gnarly rapids and other things that could have derailed our trip, but only one came close. Human beings. Toward the end of our trip David Hartley was supposedly gunned down on one of the best bass lakes in the country when he and his wife also supposedly stumbled into a drug deal on the Mexican side of the lake.


This was literally days before we were supposed to fish it. After a couple more days of handwringing and travel we decided to throw caution to the wind and fish the lake anyway. While I think I hid it well I have to say this was one of the most nervous I’ve ever been fishing. After hearing the news earlier this week that 13 people were gunned down on Falcon it got me thinking again about fishing it and how lucky we were.

So I’m curious, what’s caused you to be the most scared while you were fishing? Was it bears or the weather or something as strange as another human?