How better to celebrate a spring Friday than by giving away three Cabela’s 50th Anniversary custom glass fly rods? I know I’m chomping at the bit to get out there and get out fly fishing, and I suspect you are too. So we’ll get right to the point.


I asked you to show me your appreciation of “flex appeal,” and these three folks won the goods:

ckRich who said: “Fishing with glass, or even bamboo, gives modern anglers the opportunity to literally step back in time. Most of the time you have to read or hear about what was the “cutting edge” 50 years ago, but with gear you can literally feel the history. Nostalgia at its finest.” I agree completely, and am a sucker for nostalgia.

mnobles23 who said: “Fiberglass rods are similar to traditional archery gear, which I have used for years. Sure, modern technology makes things easier to use, but is it really better? I think there’s something to be said for gear that doesn’t forgive a lack of skill. There comes a sense of pride and accomplishment in knowing that you succeeded because of your ability, not just because your gear is very “forgiving.” Amen to the traditional archery analogy.

And Brian W. Thair who wrote: “35+ yrs ago: 6AM. Sunny, no wind. Everybody else still asleep in the mountain lakeshore cabin. Hip waders and my home-made 9′ fiberglass (Fenwick blank)rod, DT7F on a Hardy Marquis. Don’t let the screen door slam. One fish rising, over and over and over, same place. Cast of a lifetime, put a #12 dry fly right in the 10-ring! Sucked under instantly. Just a 6″ rainbow which I will never forget.” Anyone still that excited about a 6-inch trout, 35 years later, truly “gets it” and deserves a rod.

Check out the rods here, pick your model, then hit me at, and I’ll see that you get your prizes.