I’ve been reconnecting with fiberglass fishing rods lately. For some reason, that super-flexy action makes me feel more connected with the fish. And, by the way, I think noodling around with fiberglass rods is one of the best ways to hone your casting skills. Fiberglass won’t cover up your casting flaws like fast graphite will. Fiberglass places the premium on timing and tempo… exactly where it belongs.

I am not, of course, alone in being fascinated with fiberglass. Those of you who are into this scene might check out The Fiberglass Manifesto if you haven’t already.

If you are already really into fiberglass, or would like to be… here’s your chance to win one of three Cabela’s 50th Anniversary Custom Glass Rods (worth $100 a piece… they feature classic action and beautiful components… they are really fun rods).

In 50 words or less, make a case for how catching small fish on a fiberglass rod can be “top of the game.” I’ll pick the three best next week, and you’ll be fishing glass rods by June.