As a photographer every once and a while I’ll need a tool for a shoot that I don’t own or can’t afford like an extremely expensive lens or some exotic lighting system. When this happens I usually end up renting something, and with new online business models like that’s gotten much less expensive and very easy to do.


It turns out there’s now an online service that does the same thing for fly rods called Rent The Rod. The company has two lines of rods to chose from, Sage and Temple Fork Outfitters as well as two types of Sage reels. Cost for a week of rental for rods runs from $40 for a TFO Axiom to $100 for many of the Sage rods. The thought is if you’re going on a trip for say Tarpon, but don’t want to drop $775 bucks on a 12Wt you can rent a Xi3 for $100.

The reels are $15 dollars for the week. They’ll even ship to your travel destination and all you have to do is place back in the rod tube and ship it back to them. Of course you have to pay for shipping too…

While I like the idea the price seems pretty high. The reels at $15 dollars is OK, but $100 bucks for a weekly rod rental?

What do you think?