Trout Fishing photo

On our carp fishing adventure to Beaver Island, Michigan, Tim and I learned a valuable lesson from guide Kevin Morlock (see the video below). It doesn’t matter if you’re a trout fisher, a carp fisher, a bass fisher, one important key to success is putting yourself at the “ambush” point.

Deer hunters understand this. Think like a deer hunter when you fish.

Understand where the fish want to be, and intersect them. One big mistake an angler (or hunter) can make is to put himself/herself right in the travel zone. As a fly guide, I cannot explain how much it frustrates me to set someone up on a run and walk down river only to return to see my sport standing exactly in the spot where the fish might normally be.

It really is best to take a step back (literally), consider where the fish want to go, and make your cast from the ambush point. More often than not, “smart” fishing trumps “aggressive” fishing.