You might remember Marc Montocchio from an earlier post and video about being one of the first person to photograph a free swimming blue marlin.

Marc emailed me the earlier this week regarding a new feat he just accomplished in Costa Rica. Photographing a sailfish eating a teaser and a fly right at the back of the boat. The resulting sequenced image is simply unbelievable. You’ll see it briefly in the video and will be up on his site early next week.

This gorgeously shot video shows you exactly how hard it can be to get a photograph like this. It took Marc a full week of shooting every day with a crew of eight people helping him. Not to mention the fact that he was floating in the water at the exact point a 4-to-5-foot sword-faced fish, swimming at speeds up to 60+ mph, was trying to eat a bait. That takes serious cojones. Bravo Marc!

Enjoy the film.