Longtime Flytalk reader Andrew Metzger sent me this video of his son Liam fly fishing for cats yesterday…no hook, of course.

Andrew and Liam live on a ranch here in Colorado and apparently there’s no shortage of the fly-friendly felines to chase around. Andrew says, “The cats are excellent rod testing tools, and they can entertain my son and I for hours sometimes. Liam is new to the whole fly rod thing, this was his first day trying it. We are maybe 30 minutes into the fish slayer prodigy training when I shot this video.”

I had to laugh. Not a bad way to teach a kiddo how to cast, right? When I was younger one of my neighborhood buddies and I would literally go “cat fishing.” We’d rig up our rods with mice–again, no hooks–and walk the neighborhood and see how many cats we could get to “eat.” If you’ve never tried it I highly recommend this highly entertaining take on fishing.

Since then I’ve thrown hookless flies at prairie dogs, frogs, and big iguanas in Mexico. Silly, I know, but when the fishing is slow, anything will do.

Curious, are Andrew, Liam and I the only people out there that throw flies at things other than fish?

Thanks for the video Andrew!