I thought you would like to see that some of the gear we have given away to Fly Talk readers is being put to very good use… here are a couple reports:

Just thought I’d say thank you once again for the fiberglass fly rod that you awarded me in the F&S contest. I just returned from Colorado and caught some nice fish with the new rod. Attached are pics of my largest trout of the trip and my first Kokanee Salmon to date.

Mike Nobles_


(Both fish were caught on an elk hair caddis. The Brown was caught in a high lake (9800 ft) designated as wild trout water. The Kokanee was caught in the mouth of a river feeding into a reservoir.)


I wanted to write to let you know how the Revo’s are working out. In a word: Awesome. I’ve used cheap polarized lenses before, but the water lenses are much clearer. They enhance natural color rather than simply darkening it. I’m seeing more fish, which is a blessing and a curse; sunglasses, unfortunately, can’t improve my cast, and it’s agonizing to clearly see a lunker that won’t take your flies! They’ve been on the Pigeon and Black Rivers in northern Michigan, the Huron River and Paint Creek in southern Michigan, and the Revo’s outperformed my very limited fishing ability on each one. Thanks again for selecting me to field test them!

Drew YoungeDyke

P.S. I really enjoyed the article on flats fishing off Beaver Island. Our deer camp is on the southern half of the island, and it was great to see it get some good press. The islanders are some of the nicest people alive. Hopefully you stocked up at McDonough’s and got a chance to have a drink at the Beachcomber or the Shamrock while you were there.