Photo Slide Show: Wyoming Fishing Road/Float Trip

by Tim Romano

Last weekend a couple of friends and I headed to up to some of the only floatable and semi-fishable water for hundreds of miles. This just happened to be in a gorgeous spot which I had never visited near the town of Encampment, Wyoming. As many of you know much of the water in the west is only just now starting to subside from runoff. As luck would have it the North Platte river just below Northgate canyon and the Encampment river fished amazingly well. The slide show here is a little sampling from the first “real” float/road trip we’ve taken and seemed to us to kick off what’s been an agonizingly slow start to the season. Pardon the lack of fish shots, but as you know in my humble opinion the fun in most of these trips is the sights you see and the company you keep.