I have to say after all the ribbing over my sorry looking teeth and comments on my poor shaving habits I’m reluctant to give out any prizes at all, but there were some quality comments this go round and one person is going to get a copy of the Jazz & Fly Fishing CD – Slow Walking Water as well as a signed copy of Deeter’s book, The Little Red Book of Fly Fishing.

Some of my favorites were:

In a tiny tiny voice: “I promise I won’t chirp past 9pm ever again!!!! “

“As a child, Bear Grylls was “koo-koo for coco-puffs”. As an adult he became loco for locusts.”

“Ted was known on streams across the country as the “Stonefly Whisperer.”

“I’ve heard of matching the hatch, but chewing giant stones won’t help a lick at the vise.”

“He wasn’t kidding when he said “I eat, sleep, and breathe fishing!”

“I would suggest a red wine with stonefly tartar.”

The one that did it for me though was from “Nympho”. Nympo’s caption read, “The iron chef judges gave Tim full marks for his roasted stone fly recipe … The perfect balance of crunchy exterior, yet gooey/chewey inside, however it would have benefited from a nice caddis pupa glaze.”

I’m a sucker for Iron Chef.

“Nympho” send me your address via and I’ll get your prizes in the mail.