Every year at the International Fly Tackle Dealer Show The Drake magazine hosts what’s known as Fly Fishing Video Awards. Last week was that week and the fly industry got to sample a slew of new films. Some were pretty good, and some – well not so much.

In The Drake’s words, “The Idea: Surfing, skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, kayaking–for several years, all of these sports have had video elements–and video awards shows–that go far beyond the instructional elements to help showcase and celebrate the fun, creative side of sport. That’s what this event is about.”

One of my favorites was from Waterline Media. A film called Riding High. The film won best cinematography and best fishing – two out of the five categories. The images in this post are just a sliver of what the movie contains as far as footage, which is spectacular. Some of the best tarpon footage I have ever seen. I will say if you venture on over to their website to view the film be aware of a little bit of foul language.


If you’d like to see all the finalists and a ton more fish porn you can visit [The Drake]( log&id=147&Itemid=134) and vote there for the people’s choice awards through Thursday, September 2nd.