Fly Fishing photo

This past saturday I competed in the 5th Annual Carp Slam here in Denver that benefits the Denver Chapter of Trout Unlimited. I didn’t win, but did raise a ton of money to help the restoration of our home river here in D-town.


The South Platte that runs through Denver is, as you can imagine quite the urban fishery and as such we find quite the litany of weird crap in the river. A friend of a friend even found a dead body fishing one day. This past Saturday was no exception as documented here.

My friend Bruce Smithhammer menacingly charged me with the working switchblade he had just picked up out of the river. There was plenty of other stuff found, but this was by far and away the coolest and we thought most representative of the South Platte trash we find. We all had a good laugh and wondered how long before the blood had been washed off. 😉

So, what’s the strangest piece of trash you’ve ever found in the river?