File this one in the, “when will it ever end” category. Friend and author Steve Schweitzer sent this to me the other day after returning home from a flight. Apparently SkyMall, the in flight magazine with thousands of products that never should have been put in to production now has jumped on the [hackle in the hair phenomena](/blogs/flytalk/2011/03/has-steven-tyler-ruined -fly-tying-world) with “clip-in” hackle. According to Sky Mall they’re, “Easy to install, easy to remove, 100% natural and organically dyed, and reusable”. Each package contains one clip with three one-of-a-kind high quality feathers that measure from 5 inches to 10 inches in length.

Wow, “all natural” and “organically dyed”. What does that even mean? Three whole feathers… So inexpensive too.

Thought you all had to see where this has gone and give you some giggles for the day. Pardon the digression.