The title to this blog post was actually written by Mr. Louis Cahill over on his website He’s a friend, professional photographer, and all around fishy dude. You may remember Louis from some of his [photography tips](/blogs/fishing/2010/10/romano-more-fly-fishing -photography-tips) last year about this time.


A couple of weeks ago Louis and I were fishing here in Colorado. Both being admitted streamer junkies we started talking about what we thought was the strangest object you could catch trout on. Louis admitted to me that he had always had the twisted idea of trying to catch a fish on a car key. Right…

Fast forward to last week and I get the image above texted to me from Louis somewhere from Wyoming with words to the extent of, “I did it.” I couldn’t believe it. Not only did he catch a really nice sized fish on a car key, but it was only one of two fish caught that day.

You can read the entire insane story over on Louis’s blog and listen to Louis wax poetic about the “ethics” of dry fly purists while catching fish on car keys. The site is run by Louis and GA/NC guide Kent Klewein, and as such has superb “how-to” pieces mixed with entertainment and great suggestions to help amateurs get better photographs while fishing. Do check it out, you won’t be disappointed.