Distance Fly Casting: It’s All About Positioning

Brian O'Keefe has won the "Best of the West" fly casting competition a number of times, and is respected as one of the most "pure" casters in America. Here, he offers some simple tips for helping anglers get more distance out of their casts.

O'Keefe says that all starts with alignment: Fly lines want to follow a straight path… the straighter they travel, the longer they glide. So you want to check your alignment from time to time by stopping that backcast and seeing how straight your line is when it falls to the water (or ground) behind you.

You also want to stop that rod tip high on the backcast, and let the line fully load behind you before making the forward stroke. When everything lines up right, the distance cast isn't so much a matter of power and effort as it is a matter or letting the line unload and shoot forward on a straight, even trajectory.