_by Tim Romano
The past couple weeks I’ve been forwarded some videos from friends and family who thought I might be interested in them. You know, because they involve fish.

The first video from National Geographic (of course), involves what might be the strangest looking fish I have ever heard of. It’s called the Pacific barreleye fish. It lives 2,000 feet down, has a transparent head and nostrils that look like eyes. The “real” eyes look up through it’s clear domed head searching for food which it steals from unsuspecting jellyfish. You gotta see it to believe it.

The second video from, shows what is supposedly the first ever recorded video of a fish using a “tool” to get at it’s food. In the video an orange-dotted tuskfish picks a clam out of the seafloor and proceeds to bang it against a rock to get the goodies inside. Try tying a pattern to fool that fish. Sheesh.

Hope those take the sting out of your Monday morning back at work.