I must admit, I’m not a big fan of most made-for-television fishing shows. But I will definitely tune in to watch one on The Sportsman’s Channel that will start airing next week: “Fly Fishing the World” hosted by my good friend Conway Bowman. The show kicks off on October 26. Check for particulars on the schedule, and channel listings that apply to you.

Granted, many of those adventure fishing shows–particularly ones that feature exotic locales–are based around expensive lodges that most anglers won’t ever get a chance to visit. I know for a fact that Conway is bringing a fresher, more do-it-yourself world view to this program. He’ll be doing things like fly fishing for carp on Beaver Island, Michigan (hmmm, wonder where he got the idea for that one), chasing fish off the beach in Baja, running down some bonefish in Hawaii, and casting at wild trout in the Montana backcountry.

Of course, if there is one man who can legitimately claim to have put the “extreme” in fly fishing (extreme, in my opinion, is a highly overused adjective, especially in this sport), it’s Bowman. Along with Captain Dave Trimble, Conway is a real pioneer in the whacked-out realm of chasing mako sharks on the fly, which I know will also be part of the series. Several years ago, I talked him into [hooking a big shark from a kayak](/photos/gallery/kentucky/2006/10/flyfishing-gon e-mad-catching-mako-sharks-kayak). I thought it would spice up a story I was writing for Field & Stream, and it did.

I figured a guy willing to take a risk like that for a pal’s story deserves a plug for his television show in return. But the real reason I’m recommending Conway’s show is because he is among the most down-to-earth, genuine fly fishers I know, and I am sure that will be reflected in “Fly Fishing the World.” Tune in and see for yourself.