__Tom Rosenbauer is one of the world’s leading authorities on all things fly fishing. You can check out Tom’s podcasts on a number of topics at the Orvis website. Not only does Tom spend a lot of time on the water; when he’s out there, he’s often pushing the envelope and experimenting with different techniques.

Here he explains a relatively under-utilized approach for fishing streamers. When trout aren’t as “grabby” or aggressive as you might expect, try dead-drifting a streamer (like a black woolly bugger) through a run like a nymph fly. Simply cast upstream or across the current and let the fly sink, then drift through the target zone. You can fish the fly on the swing, but you can even fish streamers under an indicator (or tie a second nymph fly below the streamer in a tandem rig).

Sometimes, that slow lazy motion and the added depth you get through the dead-drift combine to make your streamer an offer trout cannot refuse.