I’m working on a book project with my friend Geoff Mueller, an editor at The Drake Magazine. Geoff called me a few months ago and asked if I’d like to shoot photos for his book, tentatively titled A Trout’s Eye View, from Globe Pequot Press.

A book? Me? Hell yeah!

He told me the project was to cover everything about trout: from physiology to history to what trout eat and where they live. My part was to capture trout, some of which while underwater. This sounded awesome but I had to let Geoff know that my very expensive camera could not get wet, and that I was terribly unversed in underwater photography. For no good reason he still thought I was the guy for the job.

It’s now a number of months later and my wallet has become a bit lighter. I can now say that I’m the proud owner of a drysuit, underwater housing and a ton of other crap you need to do this specialized type of photography, and I’m still slowly figuring it out.

Geoff and I have been doing a little traveling for the project to talk to biologists, hydrologists, guides and others. The book is starting to come together. I promised the publisher that I’d only show a handful of images and not my best work for the book, but here’s a little snippet. More to come.