Recently you might have noticed Katie Cole in some of our [casting tip videos](/blogs/flytalk/2011/10/fly-casting-tip-use-you r-hat-stop-rod). She’s the program manager for the National Fishing in Schools Program and asked if we might know anybody (wink-wink) who’d be interested in checking out the new video they produced to educate people about their program. They hope to get more schools to sign up, and to get kids interested and educated about fishing who might not have exposure to it otherwise.

We think it’s an excellent idea and told her that we probably do know some folks who this might resonate with. Yes, the video is a bit long but if you’re interested or might know someone else who could/would like to get the program started in their school, pass the info and our link along.

For more info contact Katie M. Cole, or click the links below.

National Fishing in Schools Program

3601 Calvert Street, Suite 26

Lincoln, NE 68506