This week Mr. Jay Zimmerman brings all you winter trout tiers a real deal. $100 worth flies for just 17 bucks from the man himself.

What’s it take to set yourself up for success this winter? Less than a $20 bill and a couple of hours some Sunday afternoon when your team is getting blown out by division rivals.

This season has enough unpleasantness. Favorite lakes are frozen over, it’s dark when work lets out, and everyone in the country gets to witness how bad my Cleveland Browns are.

You don’t have to add a fly tying debt spiral too. Choose the one fly pattern you know you will be pulling out of your box the most–take an hour or two, and save yourself a good deal of cash. Pick a pattern that you use the most, the easiest and fastest to tie, and takes the least amount of materials. This should be easy, because the best winter flies are tiny and simple. The RS2, Poison Tung or Zebra Midge are prefect examples. Here is the ingredient list for for 50 Zebra Midge’s. That’s right, 50, and it costs you only $17.

Material List:

– Umpqua Feather Merchants U201 #20
– Two 25 packs of Spirit River Brite Beads 2mm (5/64″) Black Nickel (or Silver)
– Small Silver UTC Ultra Wire
– 6/0 Black UNI-Thread

There. $100 worth of flies. Now get tying.