I already have my 2012 New Year’s resolutions. Most are the same as they always are (lose weight, swear less, knock a few strokes off my golf handicap, etc.). But I’ve made one fishing-specific addition: I resolve to make 2012 the Year of the Carp. By that, I mean, for every day I spend trout fishing or bass fishing, I intend to devote at least one day in pursuit of Old Rubberlips. I am absolutely serious about that.

I can see the comments already. Deeter, you have officially lost your mind (to which I say, “You’re just now figuring that out?”). But there are solid reasons behind the plan.

1.) Catching more carp on the fly will make me a better fly angler. Carp are harder (at least for me) to catch than trout and bass. That’s not to say that I think trout and bass are easy, nor that those species bore me. But carp are very interesting.

2.) Because I can. No matter where I am, carp will be nearby. Odds are, as you read this, carp are the closest fish to most of you. Fish for carp and expand your opportunities.

3.) Because Beaver Island blew my mind, and I want to go back there with my family. I had many great fishing adventures in 2011–Argentina, Ireland, Saskatchewan, and more–but believe it or not, Beaver Island in Lake Michigan sticks out in a special kind of way. Check this out, and you’ll see why.

4.) Purely economic motives. Carp fishing is among the fastest growing segments of the fly fishing industry. If you’re a guide, or shop owner, or manufacturer of fly product and you aren’t at least dabbling in carp now, you’re nuts. Same can be said for writers (and yes, there is a book in the works).

5.) Because 2013 will be the “Year of the Bonefish” and I need practice sight fishing on the flats, and need to save my money to make that resolution feasible.