This weeks caption contest proved to be a very popular one with 264 captions being written. This in turn made it difficult to pick a winner for the tickets to the Fly Fishing Film Festival, Fly Fishing Film tour (in the city closest to him or her), a gift certificate for ANY Scientific Anglers fly line he or she wants, two F3T and Upslope Brewery Pint Glasses, two Film Tour hats and a Scientific Anglers Waterproof System X fly box.

Some of my favorites were:

from Riverrat57 who wrote,

There once was a man from the past,
 who tied a fly with some brass.
 He cast all around, a trout swallowed it down, 
and a bullet shot out of his @$$!

from Tristan.Schreck who wrote,

Excuse me Mr. Norris, but dont you think that is just a tad excessive? I mean, after all, your fists are named Law and Order.

from BaboosicBomb who wrote,

Warning: Tis fly contains products that have been linked to birth defects in the state of California.

from Cori Karns who wrote,

Yea, we know, the fish is Texas are SO BIG that…

Oh, and whomever used the sgtsly login name. Nice try. Referencing both John Barr and Harry Callahan almost had me. Melding one of my favorite photographers and fly tying friends almost worked. 😉

I had to go with simplicity though and the one that made me laugh the hardest on this one. That honor goes to Jim Evans who wrote,
Pop a cap in that Bass!_

Jim, send an email with address to and I’ll get you set up with your prizes.