Whenever I bump into a fly fishing mover and shaker, whether that’s on the river, on a boat somewhere, or roaming the aisles of a trade show or consumer expo, I’m going the put them “On the Spot” with five quick questions. First up is Landon Mayer, guide and author of Colorado’s Best Fly Fishing, among other books and articles.

Before we dive into the Q&A, a few words on Landon’s latest release: As a resident of Colorado myself, I have found the state’s vast and complex array of trout fishing opportunities to be remarkably rewarding, yet tricky to fully grasp.

In Colorado’s Best Fly Fishing: Flies, Access and Guide’s Advice for the State’s Premier Rivers (Headwaters Guides), Landon does just what you’d expect a guide with his distinguished resume would do–he not only gives the where and how, he eloquently ups the readers game in the process.

The book is meticulously organized, and the narrative, which includes advice from other experts on specific drainages throughout the state, is easy to follow and remember. It’s like having Landon whisper over your shoulder as you scan the surface of that given water for rising trout. If experience is the gold standard for fly fishing success, Landon has plenty of his own, and he’s smart enough to find the best insights to fill in any gaps. I highly recommend this book. It’s an artifact that will have value for many, many years.

Okay, now we put Landon Mayer “On the Spot”:

Fly Talk: What’s the one fish you’ve never caught on a fly that tops your “to do” list?

Mayer: Without question, the golden dorado.

Fly Talk: What’s the most common mistake you see anglers make when you take them on a guide trip?

Mayer: They try to overcomplicate things, when they should try to make their approach simple.

Fly Talk: What’s the one piece of gear you carry that most other guides do not?

Mayer: A 30-pound Chatillon scale.

Fly Talk: If you had only one fly to fish on any given day, anywhere, what would it be?

Mayer: A Copper John (but I’d have to think about the size and color).

Fly Talk: What is your fly fishing goal for 2012?

Mayer: I want to catch more “toothy critters” like northern pike this year.