First, we have a new high-speed video to show you, which is cool on its own merits. It illustrates, like you’ve probably never seen before, the most common complaint about a Whisker Biscuit arrow rest: “Too much fletching contact.” Check it out.

It’s plain to see that there is indeed a mountain of such contact. No one could argue otherwise. So much so that, as I say, it’s just crazy that a Whisker Biscuit can be so accurate.

Yet it is.

You’ve seen me shoot with one out to 70 and 100, and here is a YouTube video of Brian Quaca shooting with one at 136 yards. That should be proof enough, but I’ll also mention that I just finished testing the new Mathews Heli’m, which sported a Whisker Biscuit rest. I shot 25 3-shot, 40-yard groups that average 2.75 inches each. That won’t scare any tournament archers, but it should put plenty of fear in any deer.

Throughout the year, I set up and shoot bows with a variety of rests because it’s my job to do so. But if it weren’t, I would shoot nothing but a Whisker Biscuit for hunting. It is vastly more accurate than it needs to be for the field; nothing secures an arrow better; and it is wonderfully simple, with no moving parts or mechanisms to malfunction and ruin my hunt.

So there you have it. The Whisker Biscuit is still the best rest for bowhunting. Stand with me or shoot me down. Whoever makes the best argument, for or against, will be invited to spout his own brand of nonsense right here as my guest.