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This week’s Tie Talk “bug” comes to us courtesy of

The Durex Condom Pike Fly is the brainchild of Simon Graham and has one very unusual item that might not be in your fly tying recipe basket: A condom for the tail…


Graham apparently got the idea while reading a piece from an Australian media outlet basically saying that, “despite Australia’s best efforts to supply prophylactics to AIDS-ravaged Papua, New Guinea, there’s no stopping local creativity in finding unusual uses for the free condoms. Local fisherman cut them up for lures, and women find the lubricant good for their hair and beauty regime.”

He goes on to say that, “pike can be fooled into taking all manner of materials found on lures and flies, if presented to them correctly. It was only a few years back when I was in Russia that I witnessed a bloke catch a pike with just tin foil molded onto his hook. Which got me thinking if local fisherman in Papua, New Guinea could catch tuna with condoms then how hard could it be to fool a pike into taking one. Anyway, this has now been tested and has passed with flying colours. So I’ve come up with the Durex condom pike streamer. Not that I think you’ll all want to tie one, but here’s a step by step tutorial in case you do.”

Call it a hunch, but something tells me you aren’t going to find this one commercially tied in your local fly shop.

Enjoy the lighthearted take on tying for the day.

Click here to see the step-by-step photo instructions for tying this fly.