A couple of weeks ago the L.L. Bean catalog showed up at my doorstep like it has been doing for years.

I’m not gonna lie. Typically I grab it out of the mailbox and head straight to the recycling bin. This one was different though, and I’m guessing many of you may have seen it. The cover had a striking image that I could not stop looking at, but couldn’t figure out why. Something was strange about it. Strange in a good way though — I simply thought it was a really weird looking painting. Days later I looked at it again an realized it was indeed a photograph. Being the inquisitive type–and one who you all know likes both fishing and photography–I really wanted to know how they accomplished it.

Of course I didn’t have to look to far. Being the great marketers that they are, L.L. Bean decided to do a “making of” video for their 100 year anniversary cover. I thought this was pretty interesting and hope you all do too.