I’ll be honest. I hate ice-fishing. Hate. It. This is predicated on the fact that I’ve never once caught a fish while partaking in said activity. And I’ve tried, hard.

I’ve carried hand augers on my back while skiing many miles into backcountry lakes. Punched many, many holes through the ice. Tried every conceivable bait, pattern, and jig I was told to use. I’ve done fish dances on the ice. Hell,my friends and I — after two years of trying to catch a fish through the ice coined our own term. Augging — which by the way I’m sure is not spelled correctly. Not ice fishing, but Augging. We’d call each other up and ask if Augging sounded like a good idea today. I’m not kidding, we’d see if one or the other wanted to go drill holes in the ice. Not really fishing, just the physical labor of hand-drilling holes through feet of ice.

As you can imagine I gave the activity up.

Starting tomorrow, hopefully that will change. You see, tomorrow I meet up with my friend and the fishing editor of Field & Stream — Joe Cermele for an episode of Hook Shots here in Colorado. We’re going ice fishing for big lake trout on the west side of Rocky Mountain National Park, near the town of Granby.

I’ve tried to convince myself that I have no expectations for the trip and that hanging with Cermele is good enough medicine by itself. Fish or no fish it’s gonna be a good time.

Just to be safe though and prepare for the trip I’ve been googling the term “ice fishing.” You know, so I can at least pretend I know what I’m talking about. The other day I came across this little gem (see video above). It’s titled, “Fishing under ice.” Does it have anything to do with fishing? Not much, but I found it strangely appropriate for my previous ice fishing experiences.

Enjoy the video and wish me and Cermele good luck.