When does a fly become a lure? Does it matter? It’s one of those silly questions that seems to come up every now and then, and depending on the company you’re in produces some fairly heated discussion. Seeing as I’d rather fish a streamer over any fly out there I’m sure you can guess where my opinion falls.

While traveling over the last few days with Field and Stream fishing editor, Joe Cermele for an episode of Hook Shots we came across a funky little tackle shop called Budget Tackle in Granby, Colorado. Joe spied some “flies” that he had never seen, called Pistol Petes.

They’re fairly basic patterns with miniature propellers behind the hook eye. They make everything from nymphs to streamers. I used to see these patterns a lot around here, but hadn’t seen them in a number of years. There were about two dozen of them left in the store and needless to say Joe and I fought over who was going to take which ones.

So I am curious, would you have bought these? Are they flies or lures, and does it really matter?

Have at it folks.