There’s a special pocket in my fishing vest dedicated to one of the most important tools of all–the bottle opener. While I have been known to crack a cold bottle of suds now and then, my very favorite thing to drink on a hot river day is an ice-cold Coca-Cola in a glass bottle–preferably of the Mexican variety, which is made with real sugar.

Thing is, I’ve narrowed down my choices to three openers , and I can’t choose a winner.

I’ve long been fond of my Simms fish-shaped aluminum opener, because that also doubles as a keychain. It cost $6, and I haven’t been able to destroy it, though I’ve done my best.

Yeti–the cooler folks–have recently introduced their own “beverage entry tool.” This one looks like a tarpon, and it not only has a bottle cap lever, it also has grippy teeth that will help you twist off bottle caps. It costs $10. My only problem with this one is that I can’t ever remember where I put it, so maybe it needs a permanent home in a vest pocket.

The problem with that is, I’d have to displace my coveted church key, which reads “Schmidt’s of Philadelphia” on one side, and “Beer-Ale Brewers Since 1860” on the other. That’s a classic I’m pretty sure I cannot part with.