This past week’s caption contest yielded quite a few responses to the image above, which made it a bit difficult to choose who wins the gift certificate for the Scientific Anglers Fly Line. The winning caption came from fezzant, who had a number of great entries.

The one I liked the best was, “Raised by a school of wild trout, Bill found adapting to modern society quite challenging, and eventually slipped back into his childhood habits, even marrying his high school sweetheart, pictured here.

Congrats, Fezzant! Send me an email with your contact info and I’ll ship out your gift certificate.

Here are some of my other favorites:

“Taking a cue from land based search and rescue K-9 teams, El Paso County dive rescue this week began training with their new tracking trout, Brownie.” by fezzant

“In an effort to improve survival, hatchery staff began a new “Wild Trout Skills” program to teach stocker trout the skills they’ll need in the river.” by fezzant

“what the hellgrammite!?” by JasonCallMeJAy

“Bob has reached a new low in his attempts to win his local fishing tourney, he’s been training his own trout from home.” by kurtc84

“Hillbilly handfishin has evolved!” by Muleynut30.06

“He’s got the catch part down, but needs a little work on the release!” by jtmosher42

“Much like his full time job as a dog walker, Jimmy works part time as a fish swimmer.” by mzavada


“I don’t always fish, but when I do, I prefer to use my hands.” by Browner09