Gear Grab Bag Caption Contest Winner Announced

This past caption contest had quite a few entries and some surpassingly good ones at that. The job of choosing the winner was pretty tough, but I had to award it to sgtsly for the handful of great entries that made me laugh. The one that got me though was, "I got a little ahead of myself with that flopper, hopper, copper, dropper, mopper, stopper, rig." CastMaster25 almost had me with the Johnny Cash reference. God knows I love me some Cash...

Sgtsly will receive a signed copy of Deeter's "Little Red Book of Fly Fishing," Goat Head Sole Spikes for your wading boots ($21.95), a Rio Gold 5wt fly line ($69), and a few Greenbacks stickers. Hit me with your address at and I'll get this stuff in the mail.

Here are some of my other favorites:

"Sayfu self portrait." -- from Hoski

"Quiet! I'm expressing myself through interpretive fly casting!" -- from js246608

"Tim was unaware that he also could be infected with whirling disease"; "And in this configuration I can pick up New Zealand"; "Man, these Montana drunk driving tests are hard"; and "Tim confuses double haul with double dutch on occasion." -- from sgtsly

"The Total Outdoorsman Manual did NOT cover this" -- from wignoz

"I keep a close watch on this LINE of mine
I keep my eyes wide open all the time.
Because you're mine,
I watch my line!" -- from CastMaster25

"Not funny guys! Who replaced my bear spray with a can of silly string?" -- from filt007

" gently throw the fly-rod down and pick up an ultra-light spinning reel." -- from jbird

"Hank's expirements in combining live bait and "fly" casting were largely unsuccessful." -- from fezzant

"Still beats going to bed bath and beyond with the Mrs." -- from bigz24bigbass

"Dance Puppets! Dance!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!" -- from ShaneViv Mitchells