Last Friday I punished myself with a four mile hike, up a couple thousand feet in to Rocky Mountain National Park to try and get a glimpse of the underwater world of the greenback trout in one of my favorite “close lakes” to fish. I brought my underwater housing, dry suit, snorkel, and way too much camera gear. Like 50 or 60 pounds worth… The premise was to shoot some underwater footage for a book project that I’m working on with friend Geoff Mueller, and show a handful of my friends the fishery.

Long story, short — the fishing was really tough and the photography even tougher as afternoon thunderstorms rolled in sucking up all my light. My friends caught a few hard earned fish and I got a few okay photos. The underwater photography thing is really, really hard I’ve decided.

Oh, and that special-ops looking photo of me was snapped by my good friend and fellow carp freak Will Rice, as I snuck up on some spawning fish in the lake’s inlet. Thought I’d throw one image in of what a geek I look like when I’m all decked out in gear.