I said that I was going to make 2012 “The Year of the Carp,” and I’m putting my money where my mouth is.

I just made a trip to Idaho’s world-famous Snake River. Not the Henry’s Fork or the South Fork to fish for wild trout, mind you. Instead, I went a bit further downstream to camp by the river, make occasional tater tot/fries sauce runs to American Falls (a Napoleon Dynamite thing), and sight fish for monster common carp.

I wonder how many other anglers would actually road trip for carp. After all, the beauty of carp is that they’re almost everywhere. There’s no need to travel. We can find that “poor man’s bonefish” experience in the pond at the municipal golf course just down the road.

But after chasing carp on trips to Idaho, Beaver Island in Michigan and elsewhere, I’m starting to think a smart operator could organize a “Carp Across America” tour. I bet European anglers would buy it.

Meanwhile, I will be San Diego next week to fish with my old pal Conway Bowman, the mako shark man and host of “Fly Fishing the World.” You can guess what we’ll be fishing for.