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Tying the Para-Hackle Emerger Field & Stream

Here’s another pattern for you folks, from and my friend Steve Schweitzer.

Steve says, “Para-hackles aren’t new, but the technique sometimes gets forgotten or isn’t taught frequently enough. This step by step instruction aims to re-introduce this very effective technique of using dry fly hackle to create an emerger halo-style fly.

This particular way of tying the emerger, with Stretch-Magic as the body, creates an ultra-durable fly that will withstand many toothy fish. Endless variations exist just by changing the hook thickness (for extra sink), the color of the thread, the dubbing and the hackle. Here, (left) a darker bodied PHE with dun hackle imitates a BWO emerger, whereas another version (Right) has a lighter olive body with darker hackle that might imitate a drake.”

Click here for step-by-step instructions with photos.