A few years ago, while photo editing the The Flyfish Journal, a photographer named Sean Kerrick sent me a group of images he had taken of a lost collection of Polaroids he found at a gas station in southern Wyoming. Sean said the photographs were found while “fishing and exploring the Green River — high winds forced our crew off the water and back to the car. While exploring the backroads, we arrived at a tiny gas station that didn’t even sell gas any more, just basic country style stuff: beer, cigs, gatorade, water and some random fishing and hunting tackle.”

While rummaging around, he stumbled on this collection of what he called “Polaroids from the glory days of the region” and offered to buy them from the clerk. The offer was declined, but he was allowed to reshoot them.

I personally was immediately taken to the images and wanted to run the whole collection in the magazine. We ended up running just a few of them.

A few days ago Sean emailed me that he had put together this little video collage and felt I had to share it with you all. It reminds me of a simpler time: Tackle shops that don’t exist any more, road trips, crappy convenience store food, and the magic of polaroids before there was digital everything.