I’ve always had a fascination with creating a faux fish that’s bigger than most in the river, and anchoring it to the bottom somehow. It would be created to swim naturally, be neutrally buoyant, and move gently in the current; slowly swimming back in forth in a run.

The purpose? To screw with other anglers’ heads of course. It’d be like a big rainbow trout decoy… I’ve even taken this thought farther and sketched out a “school” of said fish as an art piece on a private piece of water. A “sculpture” of sorts.

Turns out I’ve been sitting on this idea a wee bit too long as Brian Haimes and Sal Denaro have beat me to the punch. Apparently, the two created a couple of animatronic fish for movies.

“I would love to waterproof one of these and swim it up the river,” says Haimes. “When it’s actually shot on film it will get a coating of a surgical lubricant to give it a real wet look.”

Cool for sure, but assuming these are going to be used as some flopping fish on a hollywood blockbuster, I’m wondering why the filmmakers didn’t simply go get some pellet-head hatchery fish? Something tells me it’d be cheaper than building trout robots… Perhaps PETA’s a problem on their shoots?

None the less, enjoy the video and let me know the next time you come across any robot trout on your local creek.