Every once in a while I feel the need to share what I have found to be the most entertaining fly fishing videos from across the web. They may not have the biggest fish or most amazing angling, but they are fun to watch. At least for me… Here are two from the last couple of weeks. Enjoy.

The first is from Kokmaffe Media. Here is the description of the video: “Peter Christensen & Rolf Nylinder are two Scandinavian nobodies with a passion for coffee. Peter likes milk and sugar in his coffee, Rolf takes it black as a moonless night. However, they find common ground in fly fishing and in this first episode from Kokkaffe Media they go to the small paradise Aitutaki on the Cook Islands.”

This next video, from Shallow Water Expeditions, is titled “Rebound.” It shows some absolutely mind blowing red fish eats and some of the destruction after Hurricane Issac.