There was a number of great responses to the latest caption contest — 260 to be precise. As usual, there were quite a few that could have won Clear Creek’s Swing-Back Pack. But the caption that got me came from Sureshot516, who wrote, “off to rehab, my addiction to fly’s has gone to far.”

I found it to be short, simple and funny. Sureshot, hit me at with your name and address and I’ll get your gear sent right out.

Here are some of my favorites:
My new stache makes me look “fly” – from Diane Boyle-Mather

I mustache you where to put these. – from Chase Nagy

Just be glad you didn’t see where he put them yesterday. – from elkslayer

Very few people knew that in his younger days Wilfred Brimley was both a fly fisherman and a redhead. – from pfibiger

“Hey! You two guys need to watch where you’re backcasting!” – from haverodwilltravel

Dyed the ‘stache red so I could ties flies on the river. You gotta problem with that? – from curmudgeon wrote

As Mr. McDingus boarded his float plane for the med-evac, he mused about the overbearing big-fish bragging that caused his fishing buddies to incinerate his professionally coiffed nose hair. – from Merkincrab wrote

How the rock-snot epidemic started… – from -Bob

He doesn’t always flyfish for Alaskan King Salmon, but when he does he grows his own Wooly Boogers. – from ‘Chris Swenson

Most acclaimed as a hairy fly fishin’, salmon egg snortin’ fool,Tim ROE-mano returns incognito to Bristol Bay Lodge for another season of fun. – from stack75