Been out carp fishing lately on the fly? Has it been tough to entice Mr. Rubber Lips to eat what you’re offering. Sick of getting skunked? A new company named Zipcarp, not unlike zipcar is offering short term carp rentals.

“According to company officials, Zipcarp’s inaugural fleet consists of 8,000 carps in six major American cities and several university towns, providing customers with the option to rent a carp by the hour or day.”

“A huge perk of city living is avoiding the costs and hassles of owning your own carp,” Zipcarp chairman and CEO Carl Potter said at the opening of the company’s carp-rental hub in downtown Boston. “But as all urbanites know, there are times when you just really need a carp. That’s why we’re thrilled to launch Zipcarp as a convenient alternative to fish ownership.”

Read the rest of the story over at the Onion. 😉