Apparently, my post on switch rods the other day got some folks interested in learning more. One of the most common concerns/questions I get is, “aren’t those extra long fly rods also extra expensive?” Not necessarily.

Cabela’s for example, makes two great switch models in its TLr lineup: an 11-foot 6-weight and an 11-foot 8-weight. They have a great, forgiving action to accommodate the beginner and intermediate caster–and experts, too. They cost $150, and comes with a sock and a case.

And here’s the best part of all: Five of you will be getting one for free, thanks to the good folks at Cabela’s.

I’m officially declaring next week “Fly Talk Switch Rod Week.” You will have a chance to win a Cabela’s TLr switch rod model from Monday to Friday. There might be a caption contest or a “See This, Do That” quiz or maybe we’ll just ask for your best bleeding heart appeals to join the switch world at no cost. Whatever we decide, we’re going to kick things off on Nov. 12. Each contest will run a week, and we’ll announce the winner the following week after the contest ends.

So be sure to “switch” onto Fly Talk!