For the past week we’ve had a number of contests and we need to dole out some gear to the winners.

My list includes the Caption Contest from November 7th. Many of the entries here were EGGceptional. Some of my favorites were:

  • from Michael Jager who wrote, “This is Eggsactly what I wanted for lunch!”
  • from maynardtl8 who wrote, “Throw in a hot mug of doe estrus and you have the full outdoor cuisine!”
  • from bnorth1 who wrote, “Hmmm…interesting. What flavor did you say this Nerds rope was again??”
  • from amerpatrt who wrote, “Would you like some bacon with those eggs?”

The winner of this one goes to flygirlflorist who wrote, “Billy was eggstatic that his eggsperiment tasted so eggcellent, until the game warden accused him of poaching and eggceeding the daily limit. Eggsasperated, he told the game warden to leave him alone because he was eggnostic and to quit egging him on.”

Flygalflorist wins two Free Fly Bamboo shirts. Send me an email at with your contact info and I’ll get your shirts sent right out.

The next contest was the, “Name These Three Locations Game,” and while there were many people that got very close the one that got it first was Micropterus24 with the answers Bighorn, WY; Mississippi River Delta, LA (different from the Mississippi River); and the Gunnison River here in Colorado. Micropterus24 hit me with your contact info and address and I’ll get the Cabela’s Tlr switch Rod sent out ASAP.

Lastly on November 16th we had another caption contest for another one of those Cabela’s Tlr switch rods. It was a bit of a stretch image wise, but yielded some hilarious comments. Some of my favorites are here:

  • from kratch who wrote, “You can lead a horse to water, but they prefer beer.”
  • from jaukulele who wrote, “You can lead a horse to water, but it may develop a drinking problem.”
  • from treelimit who wrote, “Did you roofie this? I don’t want to wake up hitched to a plow in Ft. Collins.”
  • from CopperDropper, “It all started out so innocently for old “Undertaker.” A little molasses added to the alfalfa when he was just a yearling. By the time he became a colt he was already a “hophead” with no chance of achieving his dream of winning the Triple Crown!
  • from buckhunter who wrote, “The wading boot preferred by 9 out of 10 rodeo clowns.”
  • from Koldkut who wrote, “Haven’t had one of those since I came north of the border!”
  • from Matt101 who wrote, “My desperate attempt to get the materials for a horsehair caddis.”
  • from terminallytackle who wrote, “I do not have a pro..prob…pra..problem!”
  • from sgtsly who wrote, “Tim’s dates sometimes needed to be plied with alcohol.” 😉
  • from Scott Higgins who wrote, “Tim couldn’t remember where he was or how he got there but “man, that freakin’ pony can party!”

The winner though got my vote because I’m a simple guy and this was a simple caption. If you don’t get the reference I’m sorry but Tres33 who wrote, “Pour out a little liquor for your ponies” had me in stitches. Tres23 send me an email to with your info and we’ll get you hooked up.

Nice effort by everyone. May you have a happy and relaxing Thanksgiving.