Win this contest, and you not only get a free Cabela’s TLr switch rod valued at $150, you will also have done your fellow anglers a great service.

Picking out the new rod you want and scratching together the money to buy it is one thing. But if you’re like me, the big hurdle to jump is getting the Mrs. to buy into the concept that I actually need a new fly rod in the first place. I tried to tell her that golfers have different clubs for different shots, and the same should be true for fly fishers. But that doesn’t work. Then I realized that it was indeed easier to apologize than it is to ask permission. But that’s getting old.

So what I need from you men (and women) is the best, succinct, “But honey, I need a new fly rod because…” line. Ladies, you might get extra credit for offering a line that might actually work with you, as well as for you.

In any case, if you win, your significant other wins too, because that new rod won’t cost a thing. Good luck.