I’ve been fortunate enough to have travelled throughout the world to catch many fish in interesting ways. But my pinnacle achievement was the day I took a Spey rod into downtown Denver, and caught a carp by swinging a Babine egg fly through the muck.

You can ask my pal Will Rice, or Michael Gracie, or Tim Romano, or any of the others who were there as we rode in a bright pink, Hindu-themed school bus (a short one, for the record) from golf course to drainage ditch, to municipal pond throughout the Mile High City. This really happened, albeit in a seedy slough of the South Platte River behind a cemetery. And it’s now an urban legend. It may indeed be the fishing feat I’m ultimately remembered for.

I want you to aspire to that same pinnacle of angling greatness. I want you to make the two-hand tradionalist/purist types squirm in their skin. And I want to literally give you the tool that makes it happen.

So if you want a free Cabela’s TLr switch rod (a $150 value), simply tell me how you’re going to catch a carp with it. Or a sucker. Or some other “trash fish” species.

I want to know where. I want to know how. But most importantly, I want to know why.

Good luck!