Let’s give away some Cabela’s TLr switch rods. Here are the winners of the caption contest that kicked off Switch Rod Week, the “Honey, I Need a New Fly Rod Because…” contest, and the “Why Catch ‘Trash Fish’ on Switch Rods?” contest.

For the caption contest involving this photo of a bear-suited angler, I’m going with CutBank who wrote:
“Give a bear a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a bear to fish and he’ll maul you and take your switch rod because that thing is SWEET.”


The best “Honey, I Need a New Fly Rod Because…” excuse came from J11B, who wrote:
“Honey I need a new fly rod because I’ve only got two more months of fishing before I head back to Afghanistan.”

Assuming that’s true, we all thank you, wish you well, and hope you catch a few before you take off, and many when you get back.

(I was tempted to go with one of the other, “honey I need a new rod because I spent my money (or will spend more money) getting you jewelry” answers, but then I thought that would set a terrible precedent in my own home.)


And for the “Trash Fish” answer, I’m going with -Bob, who wrote:
“Downtown Philadelphia. Schuylkill River. Grass carp the size of SEPTA buses, finning in the slackwater behind dumpsters and shopping carts.

They once asked John Dillinger why he robbed banks. The answer — ‘That’s where the money is.’

The Philly connection did indeed make an impact. Loved the Dillinger quote. But in the end it was all about grass carp. You pull that off with a switch rod, and you’ll be my hero.

With that, I’ve awarded my side of the prize slate, and I will wish you all a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving holiday. Winners, contact me with addresses at, and I’ll see to it that you get those rods.