Tim Romano and I made our first trip together as a photographer-writer team for Wild on the Fly magazine in 2003. We went to southern Chile to fish for trout in the region around Coyhaique, and came away with a great story. But more importantly, we forged a strong friendship that has lasted for a decade now. Interestingly, we don’t travel and fish together as often as you might think. He’s usually heading north as I’m heading south, but we do have a killer F&S piece brewing, based on a trip we took to Guyana last spring. That was our first collaboration since we rolled to Michigan to take in the crazy carp fishing scene around Beaver Island.

We’re about to take off on a word-class trip in a few days. Can you guess where, based on some of the things on our gear lists?

We’re going to be fishing for trout with 8-weight rods, sink-tip lines, and big disc-drag reels. And we’re also going to do some wingshooting.

Two stops, and two climates. One will be 50 and rainy, the other will be 85 and sunny.

We’re obviously headed south of the equator, but if you can guess exactly where we’re going (the best detail wins), I’ll reserve you signed, first-edition copies of Romano’s “What a Trout Sees” (written by Geoff Mueller) and my “Fly Fishing for Carp.” Both will be released this spring.