If you’re an obsessed fly fisherman (and your family knows it), you’re bound to get some fly-fishing-themed gifts this season. Granted, whether or not you get that sweet five-weight you’ve been asking for depends on whether you’ve landed on the naughty or nice list.


As my family was putting out some decorations the other day, I noticed that there’s definitely a holiday angling theme going on in our house. That starts with the Christmas tree. My favorite ornament might be this pair of miniature rubber waders. I always hang that in a spot where we can see it. Then there’s the mini creel, dozens of little trout ornaments, and at least three or four Santa ornaments where St. Nick is holding a fly rod. There’s even one with Santa riding on the back of a rainbow trout as he casts. Just for kicks, I hung a few tarpon flies in the branches, and they look pretty nice when the lights sparkle on them just so. I don’t have a carp on the tree yet, but I’m looking for one. That might cross the limit with my wife though. In fact, I think we’re teetering on the Fishmas brink anyway.

And we’ve dusted off the holiday picture frames too. You know, the ones with the holly accents and jingle bells, and stuff like that. Some photos are perennial staples for those frames, like the series of my son crying on Santa’s lap at age one, two, three… and I’d better stop there because he’s 12 now and he reads these posts. I’ve gotten into the habit though of taking the big fish photos out of their regular year-round frames, and putting them in the holiday frames. If you want to be merry, what better way than keeping the picture of the 22-inch brown you caught on a grasshopper this past summer on the bookshelf? After all, ’tis the season to be jolly, and if you get your jollies by catching fish with flies, why not amp up the celebration?

Maybe a trout wreath on the front door would be over the top. Then again, I think the holiday season is for remembering the good times and great people in our lives. If Fishmas decorations add to that, so much the better. In any regard, I want to thank you all for being part of the Fly Talk community, and wish you all a very healthy and happy holiday season, as well as a New Year that is over the top with great angling adventures.