I trust everyone had a relaxing and fruitful Christmas. Today the Fly Talk boys are doling out one last present with our last caption contest for 2012: a pair of Redington Sonic-Pro Wader Pants. The image you see here, which I find “season appropriate,” garnered a number of pretty funny responses. There were “Christmas Vacation” and Vanilla Ice references which I found hilarious. The best of which I’ve listed below for your enjoyment. The winning caption though, came from seanhellwig, who wrote: “I thought we were going to cut a hole and sit in a shack all day.” That’s funny…

Seahellwig, shoot me an email to with a size and I’ll get your Redington Sonic-Pro Wading Pants sent right out.

Here are some other captions that made me laugh:

from dave00100: “I’d like to see Kirk Deeter’s “See This, Do That” analysis of this stretch of water.”

from iwfeeney: “If you use a boat to go ice fishing, you might be a redneck.”

from oregonipa: “Learning the difference between 20 degrees farenheit and 20 degrees celseus the hard way”

from CZschau: “Note to self: Next year, Bahama’s & Bonefish…”

from grantorrin: “Inspired by the Disney bobsled film “Cool Runnings,” local guide Bub Jenkins practices in his off-time, hoping to make the 2014 Winter Games.”

from Fallmouth: “ice ice baby!”

from Jason Chicosky: “Up sh*t creek and the paddle is useless!!”

from William Romeis: “Nanuuk is certain this will become a new Olympic Event. One man raft sledding!”

from Michael Jager: “STOP, collaborate and listen ice is back to mess up your fishin!”

from Stilly: “And why is the river frozen, Todd? I DON’T KNOW, MARGO!”

from Tall Bob: “I never can remember whether to push or pull this thing”

from Nympho: “Push push push your boat while plunging thru the ice, merrily, scarily, perilously cursingly, fishing is always nice.”

from mnobles23: “What an ice hole.”

from VAHunter540: “You know your in good hands when your guide can walk on water.”

from airbornedoc: “Abandoned by his dog team, his chances of winning the Platte River Christmas Day Boat-Sled race now seem distant.”