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Sight fishing is top of the game for me. And I’m a big believer of using polarized glasses for this type of fishing.

I think being able to see what you’re after is the key to catching. Even when you don’t see the actual fish, polarized glasses cut the surface glare in ways that allow you to see your flies or strike indicator better. This ultimately leads to great drifts, good presentations, and improved odds of detecting strikes.

For those of you who use polarized glasses, do you buy into the notion that different lens tints are necessary for different conditions?

Sure, I see the value of yellow lenses on a heavy overcast day, and mirrored lenses are great on bright sunny days. But you could go broke buying different glasses for every situation. I think it’s better to wear one tint consistently to train your vision to adapt in various conditions.

Copper or amber is my go anywhere, fish anything tint–from trout rivers to bonefish flats. But everyone sees differently. So if you had to pick one shade and fish that everywhere you go for a year, what would it be?